Short Links Made Easy

Create Brandable short links for your store and get powerful insights for your business

how it works

Link Engagement Tool

Manage all your branded links in one place

Advanced Link Shortening

Shorten Links that matter to you and share them in your marketing campaigns


Branded Links

Use your Store's Domain name to create branded short links that are familiar with your customers

Preloaded Checkout Link

Create brandable and trackable checkout links that redirect customers directly to checkout

Discount Links

Add Discount Codes directly to links and streamline your customer's buying journey

Get Insights into Clicks and Visitors

Get powerful analytics insights into visitors that engage with your links in our all in one dashboard

Real Time Tracking

Get insights into clicks as they occur

Revenue Tracking

Get insights into revenue generated from each short link and streamline your attributution

Understand Your Visitors

Get to understand how your visitors are engaging with your short links

Re-Engage Visitors

Retargeting Pixels

Add your marketing pixels and pixel visitors that click on your links. Build powerful Remarketing Audiences from your links

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