How to Add a Custom Domain

How to Add Custom Domains

Link Squeeze allows you to add a Custom Domain so that you can create branded short links

Setup DNS Records

The first step is to head over to your domain registrar such as Namecheap,GoDaddy or any other registrar and add a CNAME record.

The next step is to set the cname record to point to

For example, we might want to point to :

Domain NameRecordValueTTL

This will point to Link Squeeze and now we can add to Link Squeeze and start using it to create branded short links.

Add a Domain

Finally, head over to the domains section (opens in a new tab) and Click Add Domain

Link Squeeze Domains

Add your custom domain.

You also need to add a link where visitors will be redirected to if a short link is not found

Link Squeeze Add Domain

And that's it.

It may take a while for our system to integrate your domain name so you might want to allow for 24-48 hours for DNS changes to propagate.

Link Squeeze will issue a free SSL certificate to all domains and you can now use your custom domains to create branded short links