Retarget Audience on Facebook and Instagram

Retarget Your Audience on Facebook And Instagram

Link Squeeze helps you track Short Link Clicks using a custom "ShortClick" event. This custom event is sent to meta and contains two parameters

  • link_clicked – This is the actual short link the visitor clicked.
  • link_title – The title for the short link

With these two parameters, you are able to create a highly targeted custom audience for any link.

Creating a Custom Audience

Head over to Meta Ads Manager (opens in a new tab).

Click on Audiences

Click on Create Audience and choose Custom Audience

Choose Website as the source and then click next

Choose the Correct Pixel and Choose the ShortClick Event

Add your preferred retention days and then Click on the Refine By option

Choose the URL/Parameter option. This will help us narrow down to the specific link we want to create a custom audience for

We will now use the link_clicked parameter to specify the link we want to create a custom audience for.

Add your short link here, and that’s it.

You can now retarget all users who clicked on this link.