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How to Add Meta Pixel to Link Squeeze

Finding your Meta Pixel

To add your Meta pixel to Link Squeeze, first sign in to your Meta Ads Manager.

Meta Ads Manager

On the left side bar click on Events Manager

Navigate to Events Manager

In the event Manager, Click on Data Sources and choose your pixel

Select a single pixel

Click on Settings and copy the Dataset ID(Meta Pixel)

Meta Event Sources

Adding Your Meta Pixel to Link Squeeze

Once you have copied your meta pixel to the clipboard, navigate to Link Squeeze App and select the Pixel Menu

Pixel Dashboard

Click on Add a Pixel and paste your pixel as shown

Add Meta Pixel

Save the pixel and you will now be able to use it in your links.


Can I add multiple Meta Pixels to my account?

Yes. You can add as many meta pixels as you want.

Can I update a pixel ID?

Yes. Once your Pixel is Created, you can update it.