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Shorten Your Store’s Cart and Checkout Links

Cart and Checkout Links help with easing the checkout process for your customers.

Link Squeeze shares in this notion by making it even easier to create shareable cart and checkout links

Shorten a Cart Link

A cart link redirects a customer to a shopping cart with products already added to their cart

To create a Shortened Cart Link, Head over to the Link Squeeze App and Select Create a Link

Link Squeeze Dashboard

Navigate to the “Cart and Checkout Links” Tab

Checkout and Cart Tab

Select a product variant(s). Here you can choose the specific product variants that will be added to the customer’s cart.

Choose product variants

Modify your cart by changing the quantity here and you MUST tick the Redirect to Shopping cart box to ensure that the customer lands directly to a shopping cart and not the checkout page.

Cart Link

Customize your link by adding more parameters such as discount codes, UTM parameters, and retargeting pixels.

Customize Link

Shorten a Checkout Link

A checkout link redirects a customer directly to the checkout page where they can begin the checkout process. It skips the shopping cart altogether.

The process is the same as the one for creating a cart link except when preparing the checkout link.

Checkout Link

The only difference is that we untick the “Redirect to Cart” box so that a user is redirected to the checkout page.

You can now share the link with your customers and increase your ROI