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How to Shorten Shopify Product Links

Link Squeeze is designed to ease the process of shortening long Product Links into short memorable and easy-to-remember links.

To Shorten a product link, click “Create A Link“.

Linksqueeze Dashboard

Navigate to the Product Tab

Create a product short link

Click on the “Select A Product Button”. This will open a section from where you can choose a single product or multiple products(possible in the Pro Plan)

choose products to create short links for

Once you are satisfied with the product(s) you want to create short links for, confirm the selection and this will populate the products as shown.

Depending on whether you are shortening a single product link or multiple product links, a different display will be shown.

Single Product Link

confirm link(single product)

Select all the product(s) and click on the “Shorten Link(s) button”

start shortening it(single product)

Multiple Product Links

confirm links(multiple product)

Shorten a Single Product Link

Shortening a single product’s link gives you more control over what changes you can make.

For example, you can specify a specific link title or name and add a custom path such as (

You can further customize the link by adding UTM parameters, adding a discount code to the link, or adding tracking pixels from link retargeting.

Once your link is shortened, you should be able to Copy the link to Clickboard and start sharing it on your social media.

Successful short link creation

Shorten Multiple Product links at the same time(Bulk Shortening).

When shortening multiple product links, the process is the same except that you will not be able to specify a title/name for your link or specify a specific custom path.

You will only be able to choose a domain and add discount codes, UTM parameters, and Tracking Pixels. These will be applied to all the products you are generating short links for.

The app will use the Product’s Title as the link title and it will generate a random path such as jxbojag for the products’ short links.

An example URL could resemble which would redirect to the product URL.

customize short links (multiple products)

Depending on the number of product links being shortened, Link Squeeze will queue the request and generate your links in the background. This process should not take more than a minute.

links queued for creation


Can I change the randomly generated custom path later?

Absolutely. Once your short link has been created, you can change the custom path at your pleasure.

Is there a limit as to how many links I can shorten?

At the moment, there is no limit as to how many short links you can generate using Link Squeeze.